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5 Best Games in the PSN Summer Sale You Should Totally Buy


5 Best Games in the PSN Summer Sale You Should Totally Buy

It’s starting to get a lot warmer outside, which means we’re getting closer to the peak of summer. Thankfully, there are a ton of PS4 games on sale right now that are perfect for staying indoors and just chilling out. Here are the best games from the PSN Summer Sale that you should totally buy.

And it’s worth noting that the sale won’t come to an end until Aug 20 at 12 AM ET, leaving you all plenty of time to pick and choose the games you want.

For the full list of games on sale, click here.


PSN Summer Sale

Original Price: $59.99

Sale Price: $20.99

Control is the latest title to come from the talented team of developers from Remedy and it’s hella weird in the way that its story is told and the setting of the Oldest House is very intriguing and worth diving into for hidden lore.

Playing as Jesse Faden, you can use your telekinetic powers to manipulate objects and defeat bad guys. The combat is extremely versatile and it’s just really fun to pick up things and fling them back at your adversaries.

For just $20 during the PSN Summer Sale, Control is definitely worth trying out.

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