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Twinfinite Staff’s Dream PS5 Game Reveals


Twinfinite Staff’s Dream PS5 Game Reveals

The PS5’s ‘Future of Gaming’ event is finally happening today after being postponed. Sony will, for about an hour, reveal new games that will be coming to the shiny new next-gen console.

Will we see Horizon Zero Dawn 2? A new Uncharted? Maybe a tease for Spider-Man 2 will pop up? Who knows. What we do know is that here at Twinfinite, our staff is very vocal about their dream games for the PS5.

I have gathered their thoughts and opinions about what they would like to see be announced during this PS5 reveal event today, whether it be a realistic pick like Horizon 2 or an impracticable one such as a Metal Gear Solid remake from Konami themselves.

Let’s check out what our dream PS5 game reveals are:

Mass Effect Remaster

Twinfinite Staff's Dream PS5 Game Reveals

Andrew McMahon – Staff Writer:

Regardless of how you feel about its ending, there is no denying that the Mass Effect Trilogy deserves a remaster, and the PS5 would be the perfect console to unveil it.

Alongside graphical improvements, there is a lot of quality of life touch-ups that the series will benefit from by coming out for the PS5. To be honest, improving the elevator times in the first installment alone is enough to sell most fans.

Overall though, getting to experience the fight against the reapers with modern updates is just the push in the right direction the franchise needs to get back on track.

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