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5 PC Gaming Show Predictions That’d Make It Worth Tuning In To


5 PC Gaming Show Predictions That’d Make It Worth Tuning In To

After the cancellation of most of what is traditionally considered E3 2020, there is a lot of uncertainty around what could be announced or shown this year. The PC Gaming Show is one of the very few showcases that is staying intact. With that being said, it is still anyone’s best guess what we could see, so here are five PC Gaming Show predictions you’ll hope we’re right about.

Torchlight III Deep Dive

PC Gaming Show Predictions

Torchlight 3 - PC Gaming Show Predictions

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten some really in-depth information on the Torchlight series.

Following the shuttering of the former developer, Runic Games, in 2017, and being recently renamed from Torchlight Frontiers, fans of the action-RPG series could use some good news.

I believe they will bring the big guns for Torchlight 3, with developer interviews, gameplay showcase, a sick cinematic trailer, and possibly even the release date or window.

Fans of the series should definitely tune in, as this feels like it could be one of the few big showcases coming to the show considering the transitional state games are in with the jump to next-gen, as well as most publishers seemingly keeping their cards close to their chest until things clear up in the world.

Considering IP owner Perfect World is planned to be in attendance, this isn’t much of a stretch, especially after a recent tease that info would be coming on June 6th, but nothing is set in stone.

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