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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road: Max Card Level Guide

dark road max card level

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road: Max Card Level Guide

Cards are everything in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. They damage Heartless, replenish your HP, and even can cure Poison. Just follow along with this guide and we’ll help you learn everything you need to know about reaching the max card levels in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

Max Card Level Guide for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Before you worry about getting your cards to higher levels, you’ll first need to get a bunch that will be worth upgrading. The main way that you’ll do this is by purchasing new cards in the shop with Jewels.

You’ll get one free card each day. Alternatively, you can spend 300 jewels to draw one card or 3,000 for 10. Tickets can also be used to draw extremely powerful cards, but this currency is even harder to obtain than Jewels without spending real money.

You can also get some cards through the Beginner or Monthly missions. Still, buying cards is the most common way that you’ll obtain them. Once you have enough cards you’ll likely start getting duplicates. This is when you’ll start seeing more passive effects getting unlocked.

Each time you get a duplicate it’ll add one to the total collected number and merge it with the highest level version you have of that card. Once you’ve collected 10 of a card (level +10), then you’ll no longer be able to merge any more cards with that one.

The maxed-out card will get a significant boost in terms of effectiveness on top of the passive effects. For example, the basic Keyblade cards start out with a power of two but increase to 15 by the time they reach +10. It will also get +3 HP and +1 Defense for passive effects.

As was mentioned before, if you get the same card for the 11th time the card’s level will not increase. Instead, you’ll be asked if you want to convert the card into BP or SP. But it may take a while to get to that point if you don’t put any money into the game.

That’s all there is to know about reaching the max card level in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. If you want to learn about some ways to make the most of your +10 cards, then check out our guides on how to reload your deck faster and how to use Bonus Time.

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