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How Long The Last of Us 2 Takes to Beat & All Chapters List

last of us 2 how long

How Long The Last of Us 2 Takes to Beat & All Chapters List

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 has finally arrived on PS4, and players are already diving headfirst into the next chapter of Ellie’s adventure. Have you found yourself wondering how long The Last of Us 2 takes to beat? Here’s what you need to know.

How Long The Last of Us 2 Takes to Beat

It took us around 25 hours to beat The Last of Us 2. During this time, we ventured off the beaten path, explored the open world segments of the game thoroughly, and picked up a fair few collectibles.

That being said, it was far from a completionist playthrough and doesn’t include us diving into the game’s New Game Plus mode.

For those looking to do a completionist run of The Last of Us 2, it will take about 29-33 hours to complete depending on your skill level and how swiftly you’re able to take care of Clickers and other human enemies you come across. This will also involve you playing through at least part of a New Game Plus run, as you’ll need to do this in order to get all the collectibles required to get the platinum trophy in the game.

Finally, for those looking to quickly make a beeline for the ending and are rushing through The Last of Us 2, you can probably finish the game in 20 hours.

Keep in mind that doing this would likely see you missing a ton of the quieter moments in the game, such as Ellie playing a guitar, or a conversation between your character and their companion. It’s these peaceful, beautiful moments amidst all the chaos and violence of the world they find themselves in that really makes The Last of Us 2 feel so special.

The Last of Us 2 Chapters List

There are 46 chapters in The Last of Us 2. We’ve listed them all below.

Some may consider the names of some of the chapters in The Last of Us 2 to be spoilers. If you want to enjoy the game spoiler-free turn back now.

  1. Prologue
  2. Waking Up
  3. The Overlook
  4. Patrol
  5. The Horde
  6. The Chalet
  7. Packing Up
  8. The Gate
  9. Downtown
  10. Eastbrook Elementary
  11. Capitol Hill
  12. Channel 13
  13. The Tunnels
  14. The Theater
  15. The Birthday Gift
  16. Hillcrest
  17. Finding Strings
  18. The Seraphites
  19. St. Mary’s Hospital
  20. Road to the Aquarium
  21. The Floody City
  22. Infiltration
  23. Tracking Lesson
  24. The Stadium
  25. On Foot
  26. The Forward Base
  27. The Aquarium
  28. Hostile Territory
  29. Winter Visit
  30. The Forest
  31. The Coast
  32. Return to the Coast
  33. The Shortcut
  34. The Descent
  35. Ground Zero
  36. Return to the Aquarium
  37. The Marina
  38. The Island
  39. The Escape
  40. The Confrontation
  41. The Farm
  42. 2425 Constance
  43. Pushing Inland
  44. The Resort
  45. The Beach
  46. Epilogue

There you have everything you need to know on how long The Last of Us 2 takes to beat. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head on over to our wiki.

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