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Fortnite Homely Hills Gnome Locations: Where to Find Gnomes at Homely Hills


Fortnite Homely Hills Gnome Locations: Where to Find Gnomes at Homely Hills

In this guide, we’re going to run you through where to find Gnomes at Homely Hills in Fortnite so you can complete this week 1 challenge and earn yourself some XP.

First things first, you’re going to need to know where Homely Hills is. This named location can be found in the north section of the map just above Pleasant Park.

homely hills location fortnite

Once you land here, you’ll then need to seek out three different gnomes hiding away somewhere. Listen out for their telltale laugh. If you hear one chuckling away, you know it’s nearby and can slow down your search.

Homely Hills Gnome Locations in Fortnite

Gnome 1

fortnite homely hills gnome locations

The first gnome in Homely Hills can be found just south of the yellow house, tucked away next to a rock in the grass. It’s just in-line with the corner of the fence around the garden of the yellow house. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

Fortnite Homely Hills Gnome 2

On the west side of Homely Hills, you’ll find a red house. With it behind you, head north and right in front of you across the dirt path there should be a tree. The second gnome is sat just next to it.

Fortnite Homely Hills Gnome 3

fortnite homely hills gnome locations

From the second gnome, go ahead and turn back around and head towards the red house. In the garden here in the fenced off area, you’ll find the third and final gnome cooking up some food on the BBQ.

Once you’ve collected all three of these gnomes, you’ll have completed this week 1 challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.

That’s everything you need to know to track down the Fortnite Homely Hills Gnomes. You can check out our wiki for more tips and tricks, or have a quick flick through more of our coverage below.

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