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The Hardest Seinfeld Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take


The Hardest Seinfeld Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

From 1989 to 1998 Seinfeld, the “show about nothing” aired and forever changed the lives of millions of people. A sitcom about four lovable yet snobby New Yorkers, Seinfeld was as much of criticism on society as it was a comedy.

We follow Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine as they go through their 30’s, struggling to find relationships, keep their jobs, and just go through everyday life without making a big scene (which they always fail at).

Although shows like Friends and The Office are talked about more these days (thanks to them being on Netflix) Seinfeld is still insanely popular.

Are you a master of the Seinfeld domain? Do you think you know all and can master this expert quiz? Keep your wits about you, because this one is tough.

(All images via Sony Pictures Television)

The Hardest Seinfeld Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take

How many times does Kramer slide into Jerry's apartment throughout the entire run of the show?
What episode first featured a bleeped out swear word?
What's the name of the woman who George dated that worked at NBC?
The episode The Revenge is based on a real life occurrence where Larry David quit his job and then showed up two days later like nothing happened. What famous job was this?
Who was the manufacturer of the air conditioner that Kramer is carrying around in the episode The Parking Garage?
One of the most famous episodes of Seinfeld is The Contest, but who actually wins the contest in the end??
Out of the four main characters, who is in the least amount of episodes?
At the age of seventeen, Kramer ran away from home and went to which country?
Even though the four protagonists of Seinfeld are pretty lovable, by the end you realize they aren't very good people. What is the name of the blog dedicated to discussing the legality of the antics on Seinfeld?
In which episode is Jerry's bookshelf replaced with a green mountain bike hanging on the wall?
What brand of computer does Jerry use in his apartment?
George famously once said "I love a good nap-" What is the rest of the quote?
When Jerry gets mad at George for whistling in The Limo, what song is he whistling?
What does George order from the soup nazi?
In The Bizarro Jerry, what does bizarro Jerry have hanging on his wall instead of the green mountain bike?
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