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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Best Path Custom Designs

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Best Path Custom Designs

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game that’s whatever you make it out to be. If you really want to express yourself through the design and layout of your island, you can do that and make use of the custom designer features in the game to really make it feel unique. We’ve selected some of the best path custom designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons that we’ve found so far and have shared them in the gallery down below.

Best Path Custom Designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Once you unlock the Able Sisters shop on your island, you’ll be able to interact with the internet kiosk in the top right corner of the shop. From here, you can enter a player’s creator ID or design ID to find their custom designs. You could also make your own designs of course, but we’ve selected some of the exceptional ones here to help get you started.

While the preset paths available in the terraforming app are pretty good on their own, there’s not a lot of variety. As such, we’ve picked out some stone and wooden paths for your perusal, along with some other more unique designs to help spruce up your island. You can check them out in the gallery below and enter the design ID to download them yourself.

Special note about the Nebula path design we’ve included in the gallery above: it’s best used when layered on top of an existing path. For instance, using the dark dirt path as a base and putting Nebula on top of it makes the design look more natural and worn than if you just used the custom design alone.

Do be warned, though, that you only have a limited number of custom design slots available. Once you replace a design with another one, all instances of it being used on your island will be automatically replaced as well. Path custom designs can also be erased easily by pressing the Y button when facing them.

And those are all our picks for the best path custom designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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