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7 Franchises That Need Fighting Game Spinoffs


7 Franchises That Need Fighting Game Spinoffs

Xenoblade Chronicles

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If you’re really feeling Xenoblade fever like I am right now then you can’t help but think about how things would be different if you could beat down Shulk as Riki. Oky, maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard to argue that a fighting game spinoff of Xenoblade wouldn’t be incredible.

Even with a roster of characters from just three games — Xenoblade Chronicles 1, 2, and X —, there are enough personalities and unique fighting styles to fill out a roster. The rare blades in XC2 would be able to fill in a large amount of the roster.

The other big problem to solve is the battle system. You would probably have to ditch auto-attacking and just focus on making basic attacks weak. The main focus would have to be on using your Arts as your main source of damage and to inflict statuses like Topple or Launch.

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