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Mount & Blade 2 Workshop Guide

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Mount & Blade 2 Workshop Guide

To forge a kingdom powerful enough to take on the rest of Calradia, you’ll need plenty of denars. Mastering Mount & Blade 2’s trade mechanics is the most effective means to that end; specifically, the purchasing and running of different workshops, which is the steadiest and most reliable source of income in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about workshops in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord.

What Mount & Blade 2 Workshops Are & How to Buy Them

Every city in Mount & Blade 2 has a workshop that can be purchased by the player for 15,000 denars. To find one, enter the city and hold “Alt” to view the NPCs who can be interacted with.

You will see one option for a shop, though sometimes only the merchant’s name appears. Just go and speak with all the merchants in the area if you’re struggling to find one.

mount and blade 2 workshops

After you have bought a workshop, you’ll be told that it is already producing a certain type of good, which is then taken to local markets and sold to traders. At the close of business every day, you’ll receive a payout from your workshop. In our experience, this ranges from 150-500 denars each day.

Typically, the type of goods produced by the workshop will relate to what sort of produce is local to the area. For example, the villages surrounding Pen Cannoc mostly produce clay, and so the Work Shop is a Potting Shop.

mount and blade 2 workshops

However, this won’t always be the case, and so you’ll have the option to change what sort of workshop yours is for an additional 2,000 denars. The options are as follows: Wood Workshop, Smithy, Silversmith, Brewery, Wine Press, Olive Press, Linen Weavery, Velvet Weavery, Wool Weavery, Pottery Shop, and Tannery.

Best Workshops in Bannerlord & Where to Buy Them

As mentioned above, the most suitable workshop for a given area depends on what sort of produce the local area specializes in. You can visit the surrounding villages and see what goods it sells to learn what that is. Given that villages only ever sell about four things, it isn’t that difficult.

But it is time-consuming, which is why this extremely handy list compiled by Reddit user Droblue is invaluable. It breaks down exactly what workshop is most effective for each city, so you know that you’ll be maximizing your profits. Alternatively, Reddit user entirelyalive has created an image that visually highlights each region’s local produce.

As for which workshop type is “best,” we’ve found that the aforementioned Pottery Workshop earns a very nice return, as do Wood Works. That’s why we headed straight for Battania to set up shop, where, as we’ve explained in our how to earn money fast guide, the close proximity of each major city makes it an excellent place to earn denars quickly.

mount and blade 2 workshops
Battania is a great place to set up workshops and caravans — just watch out for Vlandia!

That all being said, you’re likely to earn just as good a return on a Vinter if the local area produces grapes, so don’t worry if you’ve established yourself in a different kingdom. The key is to make sure you are creating a workshop appropriate for the area.

Can You Upgrade Workshops in Mount & Blade 2?

Workshops cannot be upgraded in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. That being said, they can be sold for a profit.

To do so, you’ll want to keep checking with your shopkeeper to check the price to determine the best time to sell. There’s no way to make your workshops sell for more or less, it’s entirely random, so make sure you’re checking regularly if you are in the market to sell.

That is everything you should need to know about workshops in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. For more useful guides and information on the game, Twinfinite has you covered. Either use to search function from the homepage or have a look down below for handy relevant content.

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