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The Hardest Terrace House Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

terrace house

The Hardest Terrace House Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

It’s been a whole eight years since Terrace House Boys and Girls Next Door made its television debut, and it’s since become an international phenomenon and has made a name for itself as the most beautifully mundane reality TV show around.

The premise for each season is the same: three boys and three girls live together in a house, and we get to see what happens. What makes this different from other reality shows, however, is that all cast members continue to live their normal daily lives and there are no substantial restrictions on them.

As one of the most popular shows on Netflix, Terrace House has garnered a lot of fans and viewers, which means it’s time to test your knowledge of the show. We’ve put together a short list of questions down below spanning all seasons of the show, right up to the latest episode of Tokyo 2019-2020 as of April 2020.

Let’s see how well you’ve been paying attention. Take our quiz below to find out how you fare with your Terrace House knowledge!

(All images via Netflix & Fuji Television)

Think You Know Everything About Terrace House? Take this Quiz to Find Out

In Opening New Doors, what are the names of Yuudai's two stuffed panda toys?
Which of these members was described as a "Prosecutor" by the panel?
Taishi Tamaki first earned his title as the "Guilty Samurai" from the panel as a result of which incident in Aloha State?
In Aloha State, what was Wez's rap about?
In Boys and Girls Next Door, why did Seina come back to Terrace House after having left earlier in the season?
Which of these members have stayed in Terrace House the longest?
Which of these members was not a working model during their stay at Terrace House?
What did Minori write on Uchi's omu-rice for when he came back from work?
Which of these popular Terrace House couples are still together as of 2020?
In Tokyo 2019-2020, which former cast member does Reo pay his respects to on his first night?
Which of these Taylor Swift songs was not used as the opening song for a Terrace House season?
Which one of these Terrace House members released a hip-hop single titled "I'm Sorry" after leaving the house?
The "bagel burger" was featured in which one of these disastrous Terrace House dates?
What was the name of the entertainment group that Misaki Tamori was part of in Boys and Girls in the City?
Which of these Terrace House musicians wrote a song with lyrics about spilling curry on their shirt?
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