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Pokemon GO Responds to Coronavirus Pandemic With Major Changes

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Pokemon GO Responds to Coronavirus Pandemic With Major Changes

If you’ve been out of the game for a while, then these temporary overhauls of Pokemon GO in response to the Coronavirus might make this a great time to jump back in. Still, you should stay indoors if you plan to play this game.

These changes are effective immediately and will run until further notice. Pokemon GO players are going to be able to get a big boost for their first catch of the day, send and receive more gifts and buy bundles with massive amounts of items for just one PokeCoin.

The boost you’ll receive for catching your first Pokemon of the day will come in the form of a three-times increase for Stardust and XP. This won’t make a big difference throughout the day, but the still active bundle of 30 Incense for one PokeCoin should help to keep people playing indoors.

This week we also got a new one PokeCoin bundle added to the game. This time around you’ll be able to pick up 100 Poke Balls for that incredibly low price. They also announced that these bundles will become a weekly occurrence and switch out each Monday at 1 p.m. Pacific.

That means you’ll have until March 30 to pick up this bundle in Pokemon GO. Also, the 30 Incense bundle that came out before this will be available alongside the Poke Ball bundle until they both end next Monday.

Finally, the number of gifts you’ll be able to hold in your bag will jump up to 20 and the number you can open will become 30. This is the only part of the update that isn’t conducive to playing from home.

Yet, it may limit the time people spend outdoors playing Pokemon GO which in turn will lessen their chance of contracting the new Coronavirus. Still, the best way to avoid it just by staying inside.

You can find the official release about the changes to this game at Pokemon GO Live. If you’re all about competitive battling while staying indoors, then check out all the details about season one of the Pokemon GO Battle League.

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