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My Hero One’s Justice 2: How to Use Plus Ultra Attacks

How to Use Plus Ultra Attacks

My Hero One’s Justice 2: How to Use Plus Ultra Attacks

My Hero One’s Justice 2 wouldn’t be much of a My Hero Academia game if it didn’t allow you to use each character’s Quirks to their fullest, so its fortunate that it allows you to let loose with these special abilities at your leisure. It can still be easy to forget how to execute them though, and that’s why we’re here with a guide on how to use Plus Ultra Attacks in My Hero One’s Justice 2.

How to Use Plus Ultra Attacks in My Hero One’s Justice 2

Serving as My Hero One’s Justice 2’s special abilities and techniques, Plus Ultra Attacks are executed by holding down R1 and then pressing the Triangle or Circle Buttons on PlayStation 4; or, if you’re playing on Xbox One, by holding down the RB Button and then pressing the Y or B Buttons.

Doing so will trigger each character’s special abilities, which vary based on their Quirk type and battle style. Some, like Midoriya’s Smash techniques, home in on a foe before letting loose a combo of blows. Others, like Bakugo’s Blast Down, fire off a long-distance ranged attack which can hit enemies from afar.

These attacks likewise use up your Plus Ultra Gauge. Weaker techniques, assigned to R1 + Triangle, only use one Plus Ultra bar. Stronger attacks, assigned to R1 + Circle, eat up two bars.

Included below are the controls for executing these attacks, in case you need to reference them at anytime during your My Hero One’s Justice 2 playthrough.

PlatformPlus Ultra AttackStrong Plus Ultra Attack
PlayStation 4R1 + TriangleR1 + Circle
Xbox OneRB + Y ButtonR1 + B Button

And that’s all there is to it really. Hopefully this guide made it a little bit easier to pull off these special attacks with ease.

For more on My Hero One’s Justice 2, check out some of its trailers showcasing all of the new and returning combatants.

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