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10 Actresses Who Should Totally Play Ellie in The Last of Us HBO Series

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10 Actresses Who Should Totally Play Ellie in The Last of Us HBO Series

Yesterday, HBO announced that a Last of Us TV show was entering production. Being written by Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin, it is to follow the story of Joel and Ellie in the first game.

Of course, deciding on who is to play the two famous characters is going to be tricky. We’ve come up with 10 actors who we think would be great as Ellie. And, before you say it, yes, Ellen Page is too obvious.

Dafne Keen

10 Actresses Who Should Totally Play Ellie
Image Credit: Dafne Keen’s Twitter

Logan is a movie that comes up in conversation all the time when talking about a potential Last of Us movie or TV show. Not only could Hugh Jackman be a good choice for Joel, but the movie shares a lot of similarities with the story of Naughty Dog’s game.

With a gruff older man leading a daughter figure through the wilderness, trying to survive and fend off things trying to attack them, the parallels are clear.

Also, Dafne Keen would be a great choice to play Ellie. Not only is she the right age and looks pretty similar, but Logan showed that she has the acting ability to play a character as complex as Ellie.

Laura, her character in Logan, is young and needs to be protected, but she’s also a killing machine. Ellie might not be quite so brutal, but she’s strong and able to look after herself, which Keen has more than proved she’s capable of portraying.

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