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4 Mario Franchises That Need a Comeback on Switch


4 Mario Franchises That Need a Comeback on Switch

Now that the Switch has been out in the wild for over three years, it’s time for some fantastic Mario franchises to make their way over to the hybrid console, spin-off series that have been out of the spotlight for a couple of years.

Here are four Mario sub-franchises that we would love to see on the Nintendo Switch soon.

Paper Mario

The Paper Mario franchise started out on the Nintendo 64 and ever since then, each new home Nintendo console has received an entry in the RPG-like franchise. But, with the lackluster releases of Paper Mario: Sticker Star on the 3DS and then Color Splash on the Wii U, the series has become stagnant.

Sticker Star was ripped of the deep RPG mechanics that were loved and adored in The Thousand-Year Door and Color Splash’s combat was also criticized for being slow and simple.

But something that every Paper Mario game is praised for is its witty writing, soundtrack, and astounding presentation and the Switch is the perfect place to bring the series back into the spotlight.

Developer Intelligent Systems has proved that it can deliver a complex and entertaining RPG with Fire Emblem: Three Houses and it’s time for the team to make another Paper Mario that can compete with The Thousand-Year Door, or at least come close.

Let’s bring back the classic turn-based style from the first games in this sub-series and introduce new characters and an exciting new plot. There’s been an unfortunate lack of Mario RPG’s on the Switch and this would be a great first step but there’s also another iconic RPG series starring Mario that could also make a comeback on Nintendo’s excellent hybrid console…

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