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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road To Be Linked Into Union χ

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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road To Be Linked Into Union χ

Square Enix has released new details about Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, and what precisely the game entails.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is about the origins of Master Xehanort and how he worked his way to becoming the Dark Seeker he is today, which makes for a good prequel, but the game has been revealed to be a prequel within a prequel. In other words, it has been connected to Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

While Dark Road is a new game on its own, it will available within the Union χ app to launch from the main game’s title screen, so you can play it without even touching the main game. The difference is that Dark Road will be replacing the Medal system used in Union χ and bring the Card system out of the woodwork of Chain of Memories, making the player rely on quick reflexes.

Courtesy: Square Enix

There will also be a link campaign between Union χ and Dark Road where you can trade in points for Cards to use in battle depending on how full your Medal Album is in the former game.

Just a word of warning: those who have played Union χ before the release of Dark Road are eligible to play it, and any progress made to the Medal Album after the release of Dark Road will not award any points to the game.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will launch Spring 2020 on Android and iOS.

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