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10 Indie Games That Need Sequels ASAP


10 Indie Games That Need Sequels ASAP

Outer Wilds

Indie Games That Need Sequels ASAP

indie games that need sequels

Outer Wilds was my personal Game of the Year last year (and it was robbed I tells ye!) so no one among the editorial staff is surprised that this is the first pick on my list.

Outer Wilds is a charming space-adventure game. There’s no traditional combat so to speak, you’re just going about a small solar system, exploring the secrets and unraveling more of the plot as you go.

In a nutshell, you’re trying to learn more about the Nomai race, but each of the planets has its own unique mechanic or puzzle element that you need to solve to unearth its secrets and continue on your adventure.

Honestly, I don’t want to say a whole lot more, as a lot of the enjoyment comes from the sense of discovery you feel from figuring things out and watching your ‘clues’ board fill up.

It’s sheer genius, with a belting soundtrack and a healthy dose of charm to bring its solar system to life.

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