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Dragon Quest Your Story Is Now Available to Stream Through Netflix

dragon quest your story

Dragon Quest Your Story Is Now Available to Stream Through Netflix

We’ve had no shortage of Dragon Quest content as of late. Dragon Quest XI released to rave reviews, and four of the franchise’s most popular heroes stormed the Smash Bros. Ultimate stage. Now, the latest piece of Dragon Quest goodness, the CG movie Dragon Quest Your Story, is available on Netflix.

Initially announced a year ago (to the day, no less), Dragon Quest Your Story features a veritable who’s who of creative staff. The movie was directed by Takashi Yamazaki —who also directed films such as Space Battleship Yamato and Lupin III: The First— while Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii acted as script supervisor. And, the legendary composer of past Dragon Quest games Koichi Sugiyama penned the movie’s music.

While the movie received a theatrical release in Japan, earlier today, it jumped straight to Netflix in America.

According to the press release, Dragon Quest Your Story is an adaptation of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. The movie’s main character, Luca, is tasked with rescuing his mother from The Order of Zugzwang and their leader Ladja. And, as with any good Dragon Quest story, he has to use magic and find powerful macguffins, in this case the Zenithian Sword and the Legendary Hero, to complete his quest.

While the movie features English voices, they do not have the British accents fans have come to expect and love. However, many talented, prominent and talented voice actors are attached to the English version, including Yuri Lowenthal, Stephanie Sheh, Cissy Jones, and Neil Kaplan.

If you love Dragon Quest and have an hour and forty-two minutes to spare, you might want to check out Dragon Quest Your Story.

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