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All Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pack 1 Characters, Ranked


All Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pack 1 Characters, Ranked

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate finally completed its first Fighter’s Pass, with all five characters now playable. While Ultimate is getting six more DLC characters, this was originally planned to be the only Fighter’s Pass, so it’s worth looking back on each character and how they stack up.

We’ll be ranking the characters based more on how unique they are and what they bring overall to the game, rather than their potential for tournament play.

5. Byleth

Ranking the DLC Characters from Smash Bros Ultimate's Fighter Pass 1

Byleth drew plenty of criticism when they were announced, as they’re the eighth Fire Emblem character to join the roster. They do make sense, however, as Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of the biggest original games on Switch, not featuring established characters.

While Byleth certainly has some similarities to other Fire Emblem characters, their special moves help make them unique. Byleth brings the weapons of the three house leaders into battle, letting them use an axe, spear, and bow.

This gives Byleth a unique set of skills for medium and long range combat, in stark contrast to the close range of other Fire Emblem characters.

Byleth also brings the Garreg Mach Monastery stage, which is a fun albeit basic addition. Flying through the different areas of the monastery and seeing the students watch is great fun, even if it is just a flat stage.

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