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Here’s How to Fix the Crucible in Destiny 2 & Make PvP Worth It

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Here’s How to Fix the Crucible in Destiny 2 & Make PvP Worth It

Destiny 2 is one of those rare games that actually nails both PvE and PvP. Whether you prefer cooperative or competitive gameplay, Destiny 2 is a very fun game.

Sure, neither mode is perfect, and especially in PvP balance can be out of wack sometimes, but the core gameplay really isn’t the problem with Destiny 2’s Crucible activities.

The issue is that it’s very clear what gets the most attention and it’s the PvE/cooperative portions of the game. That’s not a hot take. Anyone who plays Destiny 2 recognizes that, and I’d wager that all but the most hardcore fans of PvP can accept that fact. I can’t imagine many people that would believe that PvP would ever be treated as a full equal to PvE as the latter is far more popular.

That said, Crucible and PvP content in general has felt like something below even being a second class citizen. Despite saying last year that there would be a renewed focus on PvP, Crucible is arguably in the worst shape it has ever been in terms of incentives.

As popular Destiny 2 YouTuber and prominent Destiny 2 PvP commentator Aztecross eloquently points out in a recent video of his, right now there just isn’t a good reason to play PvP other than just doing it for fun, and for some it isn’t fun anymore. If you want to get the best weapons, and take gearing up seriously, you have to leave PvP and go play PvE activities.

Here’s the thing though, it doesn’t have to be that way. Even without completely overhauling PvP in Destiny 2, Bungie can make the Crucible a game mode that can stand on its own and support players independently of PvE.

The progression up to the hardest content in PvE (raids, 980 content) makes a lot of sense in Destiny 2. Inspired by Aztecross’ video, let’s imagine what Crucible could/should look like if it had the same similar progression track as PvE.

The goal is to take a player all the way from being brand new with nothing, all the way to a hardened vet with masterworked god-roll gear without ever leaving PvP for PvE or Gambit.

Without further ado…

Entry Level Content: Non-Comp Playlist Activities

Rewards: Soft Cap Rare/Legendary/Exotic (Rare) World Drops

destiny 2 crucible

In theory if you’re starting from scratch from New Light, this is where you should start to build up your arsenal of weapons and get your power level up in a relatively relaxed environment that isn’t all about K/D/A.

The old 6v6 quickplay game modes such as Control should be where you go to get some new gear, roll for weapons and armor, and worst case scenario pick up some gear that is slightly higher than what you have so you can increase your progress towards hitting the soft cap.

Mid Tier Content: Competitive & Crucible Labs

Rewards: Chance of Enhancement Cores & Powerful Engrams (Increased With Victory)

destiny 2 pvp rewards

The next step up from the old quickplay content would be Competitive. Now that you’ve built up an arsenal of weapons and armor that you like from the lower tiers, it’s time to jump into Competitive where you can start to test yourself in a more try-hard environment.

Comp is generally more difficult, requires more teamwork and is more stressful overall, so it should have rewards that match that step up in intensity.

This is where players should go if they want a consistent source of cores that they can use for infusing/masterworking the gear that they like, and to also farm for powerful engrams that will allow them to slowly work towards hitting the pre-pinnacle hard cap.

Because it’s comp and winning is everything, I’d throw in the perk of having victory grant cores/powerful engrams at a higher rate than defeats.

Crucible Labs isn’t the same level of intensity/difficulty but it should be rewarded similarly. If Bungie really wants players to test content for them, it should have solid incentives to entice a large amount of players to do Bungie that solid.

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