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10 Best Anime Coming to Netflix in 2020


10 Best Anime Coming to Netflix in 2020

Beastars – March 2020


Last year, US anime watchers agonized with anticipation as Carol and Tuesday released episodically in the East but was held off for a two-part bulk release on Netflix in the West. Beastars is this year’s new victim of the company’s odd anime jail program, as the title has already been out overseas for some time now.

Beastars tells the story of a timid, anthropomorphic grey wolf called Legoshi. Along with the other hybrid creatures that make up the setting, he spends his days working as a stagehand for his school’s drama club.

A mystery soon unfolds, testing the society that is already on edge due to the contradicting habits of the carnivores and herbivores that make up its world.

Based on the praise the show has been getting so far, Beastars’ release will certainly be one you’ll be binge-watching, justifying the long wait.

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