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The Best Doggos of 2019 in Gaming


The Best Doggos of 2019 in Gaming

Dogs, doggies, doggos, puppas, pupperinos, whatever you want to call them, they are man’s best friend. They’re loyal, hardworking, affectionate, and have endless amounts of love to give. The bond between man and dog develops so quickly that within a matter of weeks they’ll have melted your heart and you’ll protect them as you would your child.

It’s no surprise then that dogs have become increasingly more commonplace in our video games. Some are just there to make you go “LOOK AT THE DOGGO,” others actually have a gameplay purpose.

Regardless, we’re here to celebrate some of the best doggos in 2019’s video games. Perhaps they saved our lives on countless occasions, reminded us how great dog’s are, or just sat their and looked pretty. They all deserve a bit of credit (and a belly rub for being such good bois/ gals). So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Rosie – The Walking Dead: The Final Season

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While the first two episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season were released last year via Telltale Games, it was the final two episodes that released in 2019 thanks to Skybound Games coming in to save the day following the former developer’s closure.

As Clementine and co. attempted to secure a safer future from the hostile group of Raiders nearby. While some of the kids scavenge for supplies, set up traps, or take the fight to the raiders once and for all, there’s one good gal sat back at the school keeping watch. It’s only Marlon’s dog Rosie.

Though she may look formidable at first glance and doesn’t seem all that friendly towards Clementine to begin with, we soon learn that Rosie’s actually just a big ol’ softie who’s got plenty of love to give to the school’s inhabitants. Just make sure you give her a pet or interact with her whenever you see the ol’ girl wandering around, otherwise you’ll miss out on one of the best friendships you can make in the game. Sorry AJ, but it’s a doggo!

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