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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Foreign Ditto

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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get Foreign Ditto

As always, Pokemon Sword & Shield tasks players with completing their Pokedex. This time, however, there’s a new level of rarity that’s been added on top of standard Pokemon which means you might find yourself trying to catch even more. Called Shiny’s, these unique Pokemon variations are even harder to come across; although, the Masuda method gives you a much better chance of success. Here’s how to get a foreign Ditto in Sword & Shield.

How to Get a Foreign Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield

If you’re reading this guide then you should already have a pretty solid handle on why you require a foreign Ditto. If not, though, we recommend heading over to our dedicated article all about the Masuda breeding method.

Essentially, to acquire a foreign Ditto you’ll need to trade with someone playing Pokemon Sword & Shield in a different language (yes, as far as we can tell, they won’t necessarily need to be based in a different region).

Obviously, if you have a friend or family member playing the game in a different language that you can send a link code to and trade with then lucky you — that’s your best bet.

Surprise Trading for Foreign Dittos

For the rest of us, however, the only sure way to get a foreign Ditto is to Surprise Trade until you’re sent one. It can take some time, but there are, of course, lots of players from other countries in exactly the same boat as you are.

If you aren’t sure how to surprise trade, follows these steps:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To sum up ho to surprise trade in Sword and Shield:

  1. Hit Y to access your Y-Comm, then + to go online.

  2. From here, cycle down to “Surprise Trade.”

  3. Select a Pokemon you want to trade, then click “Start” when prompted to save your game and Surprise Trade.

  4. The game will then find you a partner automatically.

Foreign Ditto Link Code Farm

Now, there is actually one more method that may work for you. Since there are so many players looking for foreign Ditto’s, there’s actually a specific link code that’s been set up for exactly this purpose. The code is 4448.

If you enter this link code and trade with the player you’ll more than likely find it’s a Ditto. That being said, because this was created by English speaking players, yep, you guessed it — it’s slowly becoming an English Ditto farm only. Still, we have had some success with it.

That does it for how to get a foreign Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search our dedicated guide wiki.

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