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Persona 5 Has Sold 3.2 Million Units, Franchise at Over 11 Million, Atlus Announces

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Persona 5 Has Sold 3.2 Million Units, Franchise at Over 11 Million, Atlus Announces

Developer Atlus has provided a sales milestone update for its most popular franchise today, and it’s doing very well indeed. Persona 5 has now sold 3.2 million units, with over 400,000 Persona 5 Royal units sold in Japan. Meanwhile, the franchise has now exceeded 11 million unit sales in total.

The news comes by way of Persona Channel, who celebrated the game’s success by recounting the long list of awards Persona 5 has been nominated for since 2017. These are as follows:

  • Japan Game Awards 2015 Future category
  • PlayStation Awards 2016 Gold Prize / User’s Choice Award * Double Award
  • VFX-JAPAN Award 2017 Game Video Division Excellence Award
  • IGN JAPAN Game of the Year 2016 1st place
  • Dengeki Online Award 2016 Best CS Title 1st
  • Dengeki PlayStation Award 2016 1st year title section
  • Famitsu Award 2016 Excellence Award
  • CEDEC AWARDS 2017 Game Design Division Excellence Award
  • Famitsu Game General Election All Genre No.1 / RPG Division No.1 * Double Award
  • Japan Game Awards 2017 Excellence Award
  • PlayStation Awards 2017 User’s Choice Award
  • The Game Awards 2017 Nominees in 4 categories including Game of The Year
  • The Game Awards 2017 Best Role-Playing Game
  • CEDEC AWARDS 2018 Sound Category Grand Prize
  • PlayStation Awards 2018 Platinum Prize

The list doesn’t actually include its most recent nomination, though; it was announced earlier today that Persona 5 has been nominated for User’s Choice once again at PlayStation Awards 2019.

Persona 5 Royal is essentially a director’s cut version that includes all-new content and characters. While it’s already out in Japan, Royal doesn’t have a western release date yet. We are, however, expecting confirmation of that release date very soon. As in, today.

Atlus’ US Twitter channel stated the following yesterday:

More on that very soon, then.

In the meantime, you can check out some recent screenshots of the upcoming spin-off title Persona 5 Scramble.

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