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Dead Cells Paid Expansion Coming to Steam in Q1 2020

Dead Cells

Dead Cells Paid Expansion Coming to Steam in Q1 2020

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin announced a new expansion for the game coming to Steam on PC in early 2020.

Called The Bad Seed, the DLC will feature two new levels, the Arboretum and Swamp, accessible in the early game and one new boss.

The Bad Seed DLC will be a paid expansion costing $4.99, marking the first time that post-launch content will carry a price for the game. Developer Motion Twin has been supporting Dead Cells with free post-launch content since August 2018.

“Paid content will help support the development of the game, allowing the team to go forward with all of the ideas that we’ve got in our heads, continuing to produce free content, fixes and updates, while also ensuring that Motion Twin have the time to build their next game at the level you’ve come to expect from them,” the developer said in the DLC announcement post.

Motion Twin said it plans to continue updating the game with free content updates for the next two years “at least” if “this DLC thing goes according to plan.” Some early ideas include new weapons, creatures, secret areas, and lore.

The developer also teased an update coming to the game around the holiday season.

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