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5 Iconic Resident Evil 3 Moments the Remake Can Make Even Better


5 Iconic Resident Evil 3 Moments the Remake Can Make Even Better

Resident Evil 3 is officially getting a remake, giving the game a second chance to terrify a generation and, more importantly, better execute on its ideas and set pieces. That’s why we’re here with a list of five iconic Resident Evil 3 moments the remake can make even better.

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for the plot of Resident Evil 3. Do not read if you haven’t played the game and want to go in fresh next year.

Raccoon City Being Overtaken by Zombies

While Resident Evil 2 has plenty of Merits as the best of the original Resident Evil trilogy, one aspect it never quite captured was the enormity of the zombie outbreak within Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 3, on the other hand, tackled the challenge full-force. The game opens with a cinematic of chaos erupting throughout the city, with civilians, police and Umbrella mercenaries alike fleeing or fighting tooth and nail –to no avail– against the encroaching wave of infected.

It was a sight to behold when it first released. Nowadays, though, its scale feels lacking in comparison to other games’ in genre’s portrayal of what a zombie takeover might look like.

Fortunately, the remake is perfectly positioned to refine and expand upon this moment. Its improved graphics and technology can allow for a more detailed and expansive cutscene, truly capturing just how vast the carnage was when the infected took over Raccoon City in earnest.

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