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2020 Games That Will Probably Get Delayed (But We Hope Don’t)


2020 Games That Will Probably Get Delayed (But We Hope Don’t)

With 2019 well and truly winding down, we couldn’t help but look towards the swathes of 2020 games we’d soon be playing. Sometimes though, things don’t always go to plan, and games need some extra time in the metaphorical oven.

If we were betting people, we’d probably look to these four titles to get some form of delay. Obviously, we hope they don’t. We want to be diving into these awe-inspiring worlds sooner rather than later, too. At least the wait will be worth it though.

So, without further ado, here are our four 2020 games we think will probably get delayed from their currently slated release dates/ windows. Disagree with us? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

final fantasy crystal chronicles

Earlier this year, Square Enix announced it was bringing back Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, the four-player co-op title that released all the way back in 2003.

Arriving with a number of new features such as updated visuals and audio, new character voice-overs, and a new online multiplayer mode, there’s plenty of reasons to jump into this remaster whether you’re a first-timer or you’ve beaten it a few times already.

Even better, it’ll feature cross-play functionality, allowing those on PS4, Switch, iOS and Android to take on the new dungeons and bosses being added into the remaster together.

Alas, all of this is quite the hefty amount of work, and the game’s currently slated for a Jan. 23 release.

That’s just over a month away, but Crystal Chronicles Remastered hasn’t had a whole lot of the limelight since its release date reveal back in September.

Plus, we hate to be those guys, but Square Enixs’ track record when it comes to delaying games doesn’t bode well, with both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 suffering from delays, even after Final Fantasy XV’s massive release date event they hosted.

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