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The Best Pokemon Moments From Every Generation


The Best Pokemon Moments From Every Generation

Pokemon is a beloved franchise for many reasons. It was a huge part of so many people’s childhoods and the series has been going strong since its inception. Now people are getting to enjoy the eighth generation of Pokemon with their kids as a large part of the video game community comes together for a new adventure.

The Pokemon franchise has mastered the art of portraying the bond between humans and Pokemon, which is pretty much the theme of the entire franchise. With a series this big, you can bet there have been a lot of huge moments that have stuck out and become iconic. From heartfelt to epic, these are the best moments from each generation of Pokemon.

Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow (and Green)

Pokemon Red & Blue

The first entry on this list is probably one of the hardest. The first generation of Pokemon set so many series standards and was so many people’s first Pokemon game, so they cherish the game greatly (it was also mine).

But is the best moment beating your rival for the final time? Or maybe finding Mewtwo? It’s very debatable, but I think it starts, well, at the beginning, when you choose your very first starter Pokemon.

It was the first real step of so many long journeys. The choice of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander is still a tough one to this day. Your starter is supposed to accompany you on your quest to be the very best, to ‘Catch ‘em All’ and become a Pokemon Master.

Sure, there are more epic moments in terms of hype, but the choice of who to pick for your starter is so monumental in the grand scheme of things that all other moments pale slightly in comparison.

People still widely debate which of the first-generation starters is the best, and that debate will probably go on for the rest of time, and for good reason… it’s Squirtle by the way.

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