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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Where The Move Reminder Is & How to Relearn Moves

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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Where The Move Reminder Is & How to Relearn Moves

For many generations now, players have been able to re-teach their Pokemon moves that they forgot by speaking with the Move Reminder NPC or the Move Relearner, whichever you prefer. In this guide we’ll show you where the find the Move Reminder NPC, and how to relearn your Pokemon’s moves in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Where to Find the Move Reminder and Relearn Moves in Pokemon Sword & Shield

In the past, Move Reminder NPCs were often hidden away somewhere far into the game in some random house that you’d have to stumble upon randomly and travel to any time you wanted to use their relearning services.

Fortunately, in Pokemon Sword & Shield, this process is made a lot less painful.

In every Pokemon Center in the Galar region, you can find a Move Reminder NPC who will reteach your Pokemon their forgotten moves.

He hangs out on the left most counter and if you speak to him you can take advantage of his services. If your Pokemon has any hidden egg moves, or moves that you have formally deleted you can relearn them any time you want.

It goes without saying that you still have a max of four move slots on any Pokemon. So, if you’ve filled those all up, you’ll need to pick a move to delete in order to make space for the one you want to relearn. Of course you can always just swap it right back if you change your mind.

Where the Move Reminder NPC?

The Move Reminder can be found in the left counter of any Pokemon Center. He will help Pokemon relearn old moves.

Relearing moves is key for making sure you always have the best movesets possible for battling tougher trainers, so definitely make sure you’re paying close attention to which ones you’re using and relearn anything you accidentally deleted.

That’s all you need to know for where to find the Move Reminder NPC and relearn your moves in Pokemon Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered, be sure to check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki Guide.

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