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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Are There Cheats? Explained

pokemon sword and shield cheats

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Are There Cheats? Explained

Cheats can make everything easier in video games. Back in the original Pokemon generation, players could find exploits and little ‘cheats’ in-game that allowed them to duplicate any item 99 times, among other things. As such, some players may be wondering if there are cheats in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Well, here’s what you need to know.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Cheats, Explained

Unfortunately, this time there are no cheats in Pokemon Sword and Shield. While in Red, Blue, and Yellow, players could utilize the MissingNo cheat or exploit, there’s nothing like that this time around in Sword and Shield. At least, not that players have found so far.

Whether or not players will be able to uncover some sort of exploit to duplicate Pokemon or other items in the games remains to be seen, but of course if anything does emerge, we’ll be sure to update this guide and let you know.

For the meantime, though, it looks as though Game Freak and Nintendo have sured up all possible cheats and exploits that could be used in Sword and Shield. In fact, when trading Pokemon, the games warn players that disconnecting during the process could cause save file corruption.

In Diamond and Pearl, there was an exploit to duplicate your Pokemon in the GTS. Whether this warning message is a deterrent to players to prevent them from even trying to do the exploit again remains to be seen.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Unlockables

Outside of the Catching Charm and Shiny Charm, there are some other unlockables you can get in Pokemon Sword and Shield. These are as follows:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Oval CharmHead to the same hotel you can get the Catching/ Shiny Charms from. Go in the first room to the left on that same floor and battle the Police Officer.
Pokemon Boxes 9-16Deposit Pokemon into boxes 1-8.
Pokemon Boxes 17-24Deposit Pokemon into boxes 1-16
Pokemon Boxes 25-31Deposit Pokemon into boxes 1-24

There you have everything on cheats in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more tips and tricks, check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield guide wiki.

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