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Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Lucky Egg

Pokemon Sword and Shield, How to Get Lucky Egg

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Lucky Egg

Even with Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s streamlined EXP Share mechanic, grinding can still be a chore that can burn you out on the game fast. That’s why we’re here to help you minimize it with a guide on how to get the Lucky Egg.

How to Get Lucky Egg in Pokemon Sword and Shield

As with past titles, Pokemon Sword and Shield feature the Lucky Egg item. When given to a Pokémon in your party, it increases the amount of EXP they earn from winning in battles, speeding up the rate at which they level up by a decent amount.

This makes it a must-have item for those looking to minimize their grinding, though getting it does require you to jump through a few hoops and talk to a few specific NPCs.

To that end, we’ve done the leg work and developed a list of steps for you to follow to nab it with minimal hassle.

How to Complete the Chef’s First Delivery

First, you’ll need to head to Hulbury. This is the town where you’ll find the second Gym, and where you’ll speak with Chairman Rose while he’s in disguise.

After reaching Hulbury, head toward the seafood restaurant to the right of the Pokémon Center. Go inside, and speak to the chef to discover that his delivery boy called in sick and he needs help delivering food.

Offer to help him out, and then accept the first batch of food you need to deliver. However, he won’t know exactly where you need to deliver the food to. Instead, he’ll offer the clue that he heard a “clickity clack” noise while the order was being placed.

This is meant to point you toward the railway station at the top of a hill on the left side of town. Head toward the railway station, and then go into the house just to the right of the station. Speak to the grey-haired woman to deliver the food, and you’ll be tipped with an EXP Candy L for your trouble.

Head back to the restaurant and inform the chef that the delivery is complete. He’ll thank you, and pay you for your time with five nuggets.

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