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10 of the Worst Gaming Controllers of All Time


10 of the Worst Gaming Controllers of All Time

We have all been there. You sit down to play games over at a friend’s house, they take the good controller, while you get an unworldly abomination that makes you want to vomit as soon as it graces your fingertips.

Over the years, companies have tried multiple variations of regular controllers and unique peripherals that attempt to enhance immersion, but end up falling flat on their faces.

Although we have been blessed with some great controllers in recent years, the past is filled with confusing attempts to come up with unique ways to control our favorite games.

Here are the 10 worst gaming controllers of all time:

The Kinect

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When the Kinect was first introduced to the world under the codename Project Natal, it opened everyone’s eyes as to where gaming might be headed.

Playing shooters with nothing but your body, speaking and emoting to an AI that responds to your facial expressions, and much more seemed like it was too good to be true, and it was.

It wasn’t until we finally got Kinect in our hands (or should I say our body?) that we saw just how disappointing the final product was. What was once pitched as the future of gaming quickly became an exercise in frustration at the highest level.

As it turns out, attempting to control games using nothing but your body is a bad idea. Outside of a few dancing games, the Kinect collected dust for anyone who was unlucky enough to purchase it.

When you finally got the Kinect to respond in a half-decent way, it felt more like a miracle than an intended result. Games such as Star Wars Kinect and Sonic Free Riders were shining examples of how the Kinect was a failure from the beginning, landing it as one of the worst controllers of all time.

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