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World of Warships Update Adds New Campaign, Ships, & More; Trailer Introduces Atago Cruiser

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World of Warships Update Adds New Campaign, Ships, & More; Trailer Introduces Atago Cruiser

World of Warships is launching a big new patch today that’s set to add a new cruiser class ship, French battleships, changes to the commander system, and a spooky Halloween event called Saving Transylvania operation.

A new campaign mission called Hunt for Atago tasks players with finding and destroying a powerful Japanese cruiser, which they’ll then earn as a reward for its completion. A trailer introduces the Atago as a heavy cruiser with a solid 8-inch gun armament, useful forward-facing torpedos, and plenty of speed.

Check the trailer out below:

Elsewhere, French battleships now make their way out of early access an into the full game. While typically packing less firepower than rival battleships from other nations in terms of shell size, their quadruple turrets mean they pack an impressive rate of firepower.

The update also makes changes to commander packs. The randomness of obtaining a commander is now reduced, which will make it easier to get the captain for the new French Battleships. Commanders will also make their way into the store so players have the opportunity to purchase them with Commander Experience.

Also, starting on Oct. 26, a Halloween event called Saving Transilvania marks the game’s first-ever PvE operation. When it kicks off, players will find three strange ships approaching their port: Jackal, Blade, and Igor.

These ships will only be available for the operation, only to take on the Rasputin. Players will have to navigate through these treacherous waters while fighting off enemy Zikasa ships, catapults, and the dreaded Rasputin. Players will have to protect the Transylvania as they fight through this swarm of enemies.

Finally, the first premium ship available entirely for Global Experience also joins the game with this latest update. The Alabama is Tier VII American Battleship with massive armor and firepower. Alabama is obtainable for every player and provides the same bonuses as a Tier VII premium ship.

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