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Trails of Cold Steel 3: The Great Crossbell Bake Off Side Quest Guide

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Trails of Cold Steel 3: The Great Crossbell Bake Off Side Quest Guide

Trails of Cold Steel 3 takes you all around the country of Erebonia, and finally lets you visit the state of Crossbell once again. Of course, there are plenty of fun side quests to undertake while there, including the Great Crossbell Bake Off. With that, we’re here to help with a Great Crossbell Bake Off side quest guide in Trails of Cold Steel 3.

The Great Crossbell Bake Off Side Quest Guide for Trails of Cold Steel 3

The Great Crossbell Bake Off can be undertaken in Chapter 2 when you arrive, of course, in Crossbell. Head to Morge Baker on West Street and talk to Bennet to start it, if you haven’t already.

Basically, what you need to do is cook unique dishes in order to turn in for the quest, and the more you cook the more AP you’ll get. It breaks down like so

  • 3 Unique Dishes – 3 AP
  • 5 Unique Dishes – 4 AP, Power Potion, Shield Potion, Mind Potion
  • 7 Unique Dishes – 5 AP, Mirror Bagel x 4, Scent Quartz

Obviously, it’s in your best interest to turn in seven and get the max reward. Now if you’ve been using the cooking system you’ll know that each recipe, generally, has one party member that can cook the unique dish for it. It’s just a matter of having the ingredients and using the right person.

Luckily, you don’t need to figure that out as we’re here to tell you what each character specializes in. If your lacking ingredients, you should be able to pick them up pretty cheaply from the shops in Crossbell.

Keep in mind, in order to have the recipes you will have needed to purchase them from their respective restaurants. So, if you missed any of the recipes while in Saint-Arkh or Parm in Chapter 1, they’re unfortunately not accessible during Chapter 2.

  • Juna – Chunky Potato Salad -Recipe gained automatically in story
  • Kurt– Juicy Ham Sandwich – Recipe purchased from Recette in Leeves
  • Altina – Cafe Macchiato – Recipe purchased from Crosbelle Cafe-Restaurant in Crossbell
  • Ash – Thick Hamburger Steak – Recipe purchased from Gina at the School Cafeteria (June 10th)
  • Rean – Southern Punch – Recipe purchased from Juice Stall in Saint Arkh
  • Elliot – Piled Onion Rings – Recipe purchased from Barney in Leeves
  • Fie – Fluffy Chiffon Cake – Recipe purchased from the Cafe/Inn in Saint-Arkh
  • Laura – Hearty White Stew – Recipe purchased from the Pub in Parm
  • Alisa – Fresh Tomato Noodles – Recipe purchased from Ozelle Noodle Stand in Crossbell
  • Machias – Dragon Fried Rice – Recipe purchased from Long Lao Tavern in Crossbell
  • Emma – Honey Bagel – Recipe purchased from Morge Bakery in Crossbell

Now just cook up the dishes and turn them in to complete the quest.

That does it for our Great Crossbell Bake Off side quest guide for Trails of Cold Steel 3.

For even more tips and info on the game make sure to search Twinfinite, or check out our official review.

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