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Gears 5 Celebrates Halloween With Events and Weapon Balancing

Gears 5

Gears 5 Celebrates Halloween With Events and Weapon Balancing

Gears 5 developer The Coalition detailed a few of the events already in the game or coming to it to celebrate Halloween, alongside balancing one of the game’s weapons for multiplayer.

The first Halloween event for Gears 5 is Pumpkin Ball, a versus mode that first appeared in the previous installment Gears of War 4.

Pumpkin Ball is a slightly different version of the Dodgeball mode, where players can come back after being eliminated after an enemy has been eliminated.

The difference is that players can not go down-but-not-out and will self-revive, requiring a more close-up method. Players also sport giant pumpkin heads due to the holiday.

Players who complete 13 Pumpkin Ball matches will receive the Frankenstein Imago skin. The Coalition also announced a new Horde event called The Mad Man’s Monsters with 13 Jack-O-Lantern weapon skins to earn when the event goes live next week.

The Marzka rifle received a few changes with the weekly reset to reduce its body damage and increase recoil. The full changes as follows:

  • Reduced body damage by 30%
  • Removed active reload effect for weapon rate of fire (was 25%)
  • Added active reload effect for bullet damage (25% increase)
  • Increased initial recoil by 30%
  • Reduced recoil & recovery speed by 20%

The weapon will still require three shots to a player’s head to kill, but requires more skill to land multiple shots.

The studio also added the Foundation map to matchmaking, more cosmetics to the Supply Drop, and a new Escape Hive called The Labyrinth.

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