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Football Manager 2020 Release Date Announced

football manager 2020

Football Manager 2020 Release Date Announced

Football Manager 2020 is set to launch later this year, Nov. 20, developer Sports Interactive announced today.

The developer had teased a November release window earlier this year, but today’s Tweet and accompanying trailer is the first official confirmation of the actual date. In a break from tradition, the game is launching a little later in the month.

This year is set to bring new mechanics and systems to the Football Manager experience, such as ‘Club Vision’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ features. They function essentially as a set of principles that you’ll conduct yourself within and instruct your players to conform to, which are settled on between you and your governing board at the start of a new contract.

The key will be balancing how you enforce discipline so that you keep both the board and the dressing room on-side.

Elsewhere, the Playing Time Pathways feature is set to provide new options for managers when it comes to developing young talent.

Football Manager 2020 is available via Steam. You can check out more on its features and required PC specs here.

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