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FIFA 20 Title Update 4 Features Various Gameplay Changes & Fixes Fitness Glitch

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FIFA 20 Title Update 4 Features Various Gameplay Changes & Fixes Fitness Glitch

The patch notes of FIFA 20‘s fourth Title Update have been revealed and it will supposedly fix a variety of gameplay issues, as well as the well known Ultimate Team fitness glitch.

The fitness glitch meant that you didn’t need to apply fitness consumables to players because they would always start games with full stamina.

Elsewhere, the update addresses the responsiveness of shooting, fixes the 4-3-2-1 formation positioning issue, and addresses many of the Career Mode complaints that fans have had.

The update is live now on PC and will come to consoles sometime soon. You can check out the full update notes here but we have listed the highlights down below.

  • Improvements made to FIFA 20 CPU AI, particularly on Legendary difficulty.
  • Increased the responsiveness of the Body Feint Skill Move.
  • Reduced exit speed when performing the Drag Back Skill Move at a 180 degree angle.
  • Reduced effectiveness of chained running fake shots, particularly when done at 45 degree angles.
  • Your LF won’t start at the corner flag in 4-3-2-1 any more.
  • There shouldn’t be incorrect offside calls anymore.
  • Input delay/responsiveness for shooting, passing, and dribbling in some situations should be reduced.
  • Goalkeepers should make fewer handling mistakes and will be more likely to come away with the ball when diving at an attackers feet.
  • Red and early timed shots will be slower than before.
  • Fitness levels should now act as intended.
  • Weekly Score thresholds will now show in Squad Battles and Rivals.
  • Various Career Mode fixes.
  • Specialities removed from players’ bios as they are no longer supported in FIFA 20.
  • Kit numbers fixed in Pro Clubs.
  • Various Volta gameplay and menu updates.
  • The difficulty you select in Squad Battles will no longer affect your default difficulty setting.
  • Seasons Objectives XP values will no longer display as the incorrect value.

We will update this piece once FIFA 20 Title Update 4 is available on consoles. Hopefully some more fixes to delay and responsiveness will come soon.

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