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Red Dead Online Adds Legendary Bounties With Unique Stories

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Red Dead Online Adds Legendary Bounties With Unique Stories

Rockstar Games is rolling out another update for Red Dead Online today, which adds Legendary Bounties to the game. These new weekly missions are designed for players pursuing the bounty specialist role, netting them big rewards that boost progression.

Each Legendary will have its own unique story content that gives context to the bounty mission. The first of 10 is being added today, called La Reina de los Banditos, Barbarella Alcazar.

Rockstar describes Alcazar in a press release:

“Alcazar is the de facto leader of the bloodthirsty Del Lobos gang, rumored to be hiding out somewhere in New Austin. The dangerous widow of infamous killer Ricardo Alcazar is wanted for thievery, extortion and murder.”

Players will need to deliver her alive by Sept. 23 for the full reward. If you’re forced to take lethal action, you’ll receive only half.

Moving forward, a new Legendary Bounty will be added each week, which you can find by visiting a nearby Bounty Board to see the new Legendary Bounty wanted poster. Missions can be taken on solo or with up to three buddies.

Elsewhere, the Sacred Collection continues with a new task for Collectors. This week, Madam Nazar is looking for the Pearls of the Sea collection consisting of the Durant Pearl Bracelet, Pelle Pearl Necklace and Bonnard Pearl Ring.

Players must turn in the complete collection directly to Nazar or via any Post Office by Sept. 23 for a hefty reward.

Finally, playing Red Dead Online through Sept. 23 will net players additional rewards. A 3,000 Club XP boost will aid your progress within the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club ranks.

Players in possession of the Outlaw Pass will receive an additional 2,000 Club XP, helping them on their way to unlocking rewards like unique outfits and weapon mods, bonus Gold and more.

In related news, the newly added Frontier Pursuits have been a big boon for Red Dead Online, which we celebrated in a recent article you should check out.

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