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How Long Greedfall Takes to Beat


How Long Greedfall Takes to Beat

Greedfall is the latest RPG from Spiders and it’s the largest game they’ve ever released. Despite that, it’s still comes in at a budget price of $40, but don’t let that fool you because there is plenty to do in this game. Here’s how long Greedfall takes to beat.

How Long It Takes to Beat Greedfall

Greedfall is an RPG in the truest sense. You have a large skill tree at your disposal, you get to make the main character yours, you get to explore a new land, and make decisions that affect the larger narrative while doing so.

Similar to the RPGs of Bioware’s past — looking at you Dragon Age —Greedfall will take you through an expansive journey with twists, turns, arena boss fights and more.

If you play through the game’s main narrative and only complete some of the side quests, the game will take you between 30 and 40 hours. Where in that range your play through falls largely depends on your skill in combat.

Players more focused on traps and controlling the battlefield will likely take longer in battle while those who go right up to their enemy with their finest sword will see combat end quicker (and they’ll find their health bar more depleted than the other type of player too).

Naturally, this number changes when you take on side quests and strive to complete them. With the number of side quests we’ve encountered, a play through with a healthy amount of side quests will likely take you upwards of 50-plus hours.

How Long Greedfall Takes to Beat

Here’s how long it takes to beat Greedfall.

  1. If you blaze through the critical path and avoid side quests:

    30-40 hours

  2. If you add side quests into the mix:

    40-50+ hours

That’s it for how long Greedfall takes to beat. For more information about Greedfall, be sure to search for whatever you’re looking for on Twinfinite. There, we have news, reviews, guides and more. Here are some other guides to get you started:

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