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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Second Wave of DLC Is Out Right Now

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Second Wave of DLC Is Out Right Now

In a recent tweet, Nintendo has announced the shadow drop for the second wave of Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC along with a free update that adds content to the game.

The second wave of DLC includes;

  • Five additional Auxiliary Battles
  • New Auxiliary Battle background music (can be selected in the Option Menu)
  • Four valuable items with stat boosts: Movement speed +2, Max. HP +7, Str +3, Spd +3
  • One new type of attire for most students, ex, a football-like jersey for Raphael.
  • A pair of glasses for Byleth to wear. (Because he/she definitely needs to look more like a professor).
Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Second Wave

The new auxiliary battles will appear in yellow when you go to choose a quest instead of the usual green or red.

With the new free update, a new difficulty has been added to the game called “Maddening Mode” and is described as “For those who crave a challenge.” If you thought that hard mode was a bit too easy, then this new mode is the perfect excuse to get back into the game.

Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC New Difficulty

The update also replaces the voice actor for Male Byleth, Chris Niosi, which Nintendo announced they would be doing after accounts of emotional and sexual abuse became public knowledge when his now ex-girlfriend came out about it in a blog post.

Niosi later admitted to these allegations, saying “I have horribly mistreated and abused friends, colleagues, and even my significant others.” Since all this became public knowledge, it was too late to change the voice actor before the game shipped, but with this new update, the new voice overs have been implemented.

It is unknown whether or not each wave of Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC will be shadow dropped, or if we will get a release date announced beforehand, but the shadow drops definitely keep things interesting.

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