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Code Vein: Best Gifts (Skills) to Get First

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Code Vein: Best Gifts (Skills) to Get First

Developed and published by Bandai Namco, Code Vein comes with a ton of customization options and build variety to suit any play style. It’s pretty crazy. Every Blood Code in this game offers you different Gifts and skills to unlock, so here are our picks for the best Gifts you should get first in Code Vein.

Best Gifts to Get First in Code Vein

For Survivability

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  • Fighter: Health Boost – Increases maximum HP
  • Ranger: Stamina Boost – Increases maximum stamina.
  • Ranger: Shifting Hollow – Dash forward in mist form.

Fighter and Ranger are two of three basic Blood Codes you receive in Code Vein, and even if they don’t entirely match your play style, they still offer awesome Gifts that can carry you far in this game.

Health Boost and Stamina Boost are basically must-haves for the early hours in the game. Once you level up a little, you can probably ditch Health Boost, but Stamina Boost pretty much stays relevant for almost the entire journey. The amount of stamina you start with is pitiful, and barely enough for you to combo an enemy to death. Plus, you can never have too much stamina.

Shifting Hollow is actually pretty useful for dodging attacks if you don’t have enough stamina, and you need a quick getaway. It consumes ichor as it’s an active ability, but still nice to have in a pinch. It’s easily one of the best Gifts you can get early on in Code Vein.

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