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Borderlands 3: The Demon in the Dark Side Mission Guide

Borderlands 3, Demon in the Dark Side Mission Guide

Borderlands 3: The Demon in the Dark Side Mission Guide

Borderlands 3 has a fair few challenging side missions, but The Demon in the Dark in particular has some elements that can drive you up a wall. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to beat it in no time flat.

The Demon in the Dark Side Mission Guide for Borderlands 3

After unlocking and entering Borderlands 3’s Konrad’s Hold area on Pandora through the main mission, you can find a robot head buried in the sand near an Eridian ruin in the area’s northeast corner. Interacting with it will start the side mission The Demon in the Dark, and will allow you to enter the ruin to find the robot’s ancestors.

For the first few steps, the side quest is easy to follow. A mission marker will tell you exactly what to do, where to go, and what your main goal is.

However, about half way through the mission, you’ll come across a puzzle that requires you to shoot runes through three different sets of aligned rings. This is easier said than done, as the room is full of different pairs of rings that could be the solution.

Fortunately, we’ve done the leg work and grabbed some images of where to shoot from, which you can find down below.

Where the First Set of Rings Is

For the first set of rings, look for a square space on the floor in the bottom right corner of the room. Stand on it, and then look directly ahead through the rings facing a rune on the wall.

The rune should light up shortly after you aim through all three of the rings leading up to it. Let a bullet fly, and the rune will be triggered.

Where the Second Set of Rings Is in Borderlands 3’s Demon in the Dark Side Mission

Next, look for another square space with a fanning pattern in the bottom left corner of the room. It’ll be directly opposite the first set of rings’ space, and will likewise allow you to shoot through a diagonal line of rings to hit a rune.

Go to the space and aim for the rune, then fire off a shot to trigger it.

Where the Third Set of Rings Is

For the last set of rings, you’ll need to grapple up on top of some stone structures in the back right corner of the room, to the right side of the first set of rings you shot.

Climb up onto the structure, and you’ll see another square space you can stand on for a view of a set of rings. Look to the right of the square space from the second set of rings, and the final rune will light up once you aim through the three rings shown above.

How to Beat Lagromar

From there, the mission will once again guide you on where you need to go until you reach the ruins’ main chamber. There, you’ll find Lagromar, an incendiary elemental mini-boss who can make quick work of you if you aren’t careful.

Fortunately, dealing with him is easy if you know what to do. Simply keep your distance and lob grenades at him – preferably ones with a MIRV effect – and use a weapon that is easy to keep trained on his head for critical hits. Before long, he’ll fall to you and the quest will be complete.

Hopefully this cleared up any questions you had about the Demon in the Dark Side mission. For more on Borderlands 3, check out our wiki or guides on how to get to Lectra City and how to kill Killavolt.

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