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7 Games Like Code Vein if You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Games Like Code Vein if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Code Vein can be a lengthy and enthralling Souls-like experience, but even it will reach a point where you have nothing else to do. Fortunately, we’ve got seven games like Code Vein if you’re looking for something similar.

God Eater 3

If Code Vein’s anime aesthetic and action-heavy gameplay were what kept you drawn to the title, then God Eater 3 is right up your alley.

Set in a world where voracious beings known as Aragami have pushed humanity to the brink, you take the role of a God Eater – an individual capable of wielding weapons that can slay these otherworldly beasts.

Using your weapon of choice, you’ll be tasked with facing down these threats, growing stronger and digging deeper into the cause behind these creatures’ rise to power across the globe.

It’s pretty standard fare for a post-apocalyptic anime story, but one which drives the gameplay and character arcs much in the same way Code Vein did.

It likewise has a deep pool of character customization options both in how you look and how you play, allowing you to experiment and adjust your playstyle until you’re properly satisfied with your character.

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