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5 Best JRPG’s Shown at TGS 2019


5 Best JRPG’s Shown at TGS 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake

It seems like it was just recently that we saw the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s big showing at E3 2019, but Square Enix wasn’t satisfied to just sit on their laurels. Tokyo Game Show just a few months later had just as impressive of a showing for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, giving us a hot new trailer and plenty of gameplay for the JRPG.

The latest trailer gave us a good look at Shinra characters in the remake, like Reno, Rude, and Tseng. There were even a couple of big surprises with brand new events, like 7th Heaven being attacked, and a brand new SOLDIER character.

The remake continues to impress on the gameplay front, showing off the Aps boss battle in the sewers of Midgar, as well as our first full look at Tifa gameplay. Past that, we even got to see how summons will work in the Remake, and saw Shiva and Ifrit.

On top of all of that Square Enix announced a “Classic Mode” for the game, letting players use a combat style that emphasizes menu commands, making it feel more in line with the turn-based style of the original. A move that is sure to make lots of purists feel a lot better about the remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake might have been the most impressive game at TGS, period, and it continues to look fantastic in pretty much every regard.

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