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What Time PSN Updates For New PS4 Releases (America, Europe, Asia, & More)

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What Time PSN Updates For New PS4 Releases (America, Europe, Asia, & More)

Even if you know the release date of a game, DLC, or patch that you’re looking forward to purchasing or downloading, you won’t necessarily know exactly when that content is scheduled to go live. That’s because each service and storefront has a different update time depending on the region and, therefore, each different game/DLC/patch won’t go live at same time. Here’s everything you need to know about what time PSN update for new PS4 releases in America, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.

What Time PSN Updates For New PS4 Releases (America, Europe, Asia, & More)

Before we go into the times for each region, it’s worth noting that even if you’ve waited until the update window opens, the PS Store does not update instantly. It is a slow process, and some things will be added before others.

Importantly, in the case of PS+ games, these will not be free until the storefront categorically says that they are. If you buy them before they say they are free, then you will pay full price and have to go through a refund process.

Now, let’s break down the storefront update times for each different region.

North America

The NA store updates on a Tuesday, typically between 2 pm – 6pm EST. However, the time varies widely and can often be even later in the afternoon.

While there are rare occasions that games will launch at 12:01 A.M. (normally EST. but there have been PST cases, too) on the store, they are usually special cases reserved for major AAA games only.


The EU PSN storefront will update a day later than NA on Wednesday, and the times are roughly equivalent to the NA store: early to late afternoon.


The PSN Asia FAQ section appears to have been erased, but when it was in operation it read:

“The online store will be updated with game content when the PlayStation®Store is updated every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Updates generally occur anywhere from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, but update times are subject to change.”

This is based on Hong Kong local time and from what we can tell is still applicable today. Thursday seems as though it is the most consistent day.

Australia & Oceania

Like Asia, Australia and Oceania most frequently update PSN and the PS Store on a Thursday. Any time from 3 am is the typical update time for the east coast of Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc), which would be 5 am in New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch).

That should give you a fairly good idea of what time PSN and the PS Store updates for new PS4 releases in America, Europe, Asia, and other regions. For more useful gaming guides, search Twinfinite.

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