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Remnant From the Ashes Weapon Mods Explained: How to Use, Craft, Effects & More

weapon mods

Remnant From the Ashes Weapon Mods Explained: How to Use, Craft, Effects & More

In Remnant From the Ashes, you need to lay waste to the innumerable Root, with two more seeming to take the place of everyone you dispatch. To turn the tide, you are going to need to make use of weapon mods.

There is a large variety of mods in the game, each with its own effects and attributes. Let’s take a look at how the system works, and how you can increase your arsenal to take on anything you might encounter.

How to Get Mods in Remnant From the Ashes

Mods can be purchased from merchants, but the vast majority of them must be crafted using materials dropped by the games monstrous bosses.

Once you obtain one of these materials, return to Ward 13 and speak to McCabe, the surly mechanic that resides on the bottom floor beside Rigs, the arms vendor.

In exchange for the unique boss material, some scrap and the requisite amount of Lumenite Crystals, she will fashion for you a powerful new weapon mod.

So, to recap:

  1. Obtain special material

    Certain bosses will drop rare crafting material once they are defeated. These will be one-off items, and you can check them in your inventory, where they will clearly say whether they are to be used for crafting a weapon or a weapon mod.

  2. Speak to McCabe to craft a mod

    She is located on the bottom floor of Ward 13, beside Rigs the arms vendor. In exchange for scrap, some Lumenite Crystals, and the required boss material she will craft for you a weapon mod.

  3. Equip the mod to a weapon and inflict damage with it

    Once you have equipped your mod to a weapon, using that weapon enough will allow you to use the attached mod.

How to Use Weapon Mods

Weapon mods function as your special abilities, and they can be slotted into weapons that have an open mod slot. Some weapons have their own unique mods built-in, and this can’t be changed.

With a mod equipped, you need to inflict a certain amount of damage before the mod is charged and available to use. Once you have a charge, use it with R1/RB.

They have a variety of uses, from simple offensive buffs like Hot Shot which will imbue your ammunition with Fire for 30 seconds, and cause your targets to burn. Radioactive Volley, meanwhile, launches bouncing projectiles that can be used to clear a hallway.

Flicker Cloak surrounds you with a magical shield, absorbing damage up to a certain threshold, while Mantle of Thorns reduces the melee damage you take while also reflecting it back upon your opponent.

Some of the most useful mods summon allies, like Seed Caller or Beckon, which will attack your foes and divert some of the attention away from you.

There are mods for all occasions, dozens of them in fact. You will need to replay the game multiple times to get them all, and some are hidden so deviously you might never encounter them at all.

All Mods and Their Effects

Flicker Surrounds the caster with a
magical shield for 30 seconds,
absorbing up to 200% of their max health in damage from incoming
Mender’s Aura Creates a healing pool that heals 
10 Health per second for 10 
Rattle Weed Shoots a projectile that spawns a
Rattle Weed upon impact with 224 Health and draws aggro on all
enemies within 10 meters. Lasts 10 
Mantle of Thorns Reduces Melee damage taken from enemies by 50%, reflects 200% of
Melee damage taken and reduces
stagger on hit. Lasts 60 seconds.
Hot Shot Imbues ammunition with Fire for 
30 seconds increasing damage dealt by 20%. Shots also have a chance to set the target on fire, dealing 100
damage over 10 seconds.
Hunter’s Mark Marks all enemies within 40 meters for the caster and their allies for 
60 seconds. Critical Hit Chance
against marked enemies is
increased by 15%.
Seed Caller Summons a Root Hollow minion
with 150 Health that deals 56 
damage per hit and lasts 30 
Radioactive Volley Fires a volley of 6 Radioactive
projectiles that bounce off of the
environment and deal 56
RADIATION damage each.
Breath of the Desert Discharge 7 radiation particles that will seek towards enemies within
20 meters and deal 80 RADIATION
damage each.
Veil of the Black Tear Creates a 5-meter energy field that
absorbs up to 300 incoming Ranged damage. Heroes standing inside the energy field can shoot outward.
Skewer Fires a large spike that deals 125 
damage, 300% additional stagger
damage, and applies BLEEDING
effect dealing 150 damage over 15 
Song of Swords Projects an aura that moves with
the caster. All heroes
standing within that aura have
their damage dealt increased by 
30%. Lasts for 30 seconds.
Corrosive Aura Projects a 10-meter aura that
moves with the caster. Enemies
which enter the aura are Corroded, reducing their defense by 20%.
Lasts 30 seconds.
Blink Token Teleports the caster forward up to 13 meters and creates an electrical blast that deals 140 SHOCK
damage within 3 meters.
Swarm Unleash insects that will seek after enemies within 20 meters and
repeatedly attack dealing 5
Corrosive damage per hit.
Lasts 20 seconds.
Storm Caller Conjures an electrical storm centered around the caster which
unleashes lightning strikes that
deals 40 SHOCK damage to nearby enemies within 35 meters.
Lasts 12 seconds.
Beckon Summons a Wasteland Skull which shoots projectiles that deal 15
damage per hit. Lasts 60 seconds.
Hive Shot Fires a hive projectile that deals 20 damage upon impact within 2.5
meters and releases a cloud of
deadly insects.
Undying After charged, if the caster dies
they will be revived with 33%
health. The wielder will also take
25% less damage and be immune to Status effects for 10 seconds.
Static Field Shot Fires a projectile that deals 40
SHOCK damage and applies the
Overloaded effect. Overloaded
enemies will explode when they get close dealing 200 Shock damage
within 4.5 meters blast radius.
Howler’s Immunity Projects a 20-meter aura that
moves with the caster and reduces incoming damage to all heroes
standing in the aura by 30% Lasts
30 seconds.
Flame Thrower Spews flames that will ignite
targets with the burning effect dealing 150 Fire damage over 10
Iron Sentinel Summons a full automatic Turret that shoots at 5 rounds per second
and deals 3 damage per hit. Lasts 
20 seconds.
Explosive Shot Fires an explosive round that upon detonation will deal up to 180 damage to enemies within 3.5 meters.
Wildfire Shot Shoots an arcing fireball that deals 40 FIRE damage and ignites targets with the BURNING effect within 1.9 meters, dealing 240 FIRE damage
over 15 seconds.
Tentacle Shot Launches a projectile which will
spawn a TENTACLE upon impact.
The tentacle will attack nearby enemies dealing 60 Shock damage per hit. Lasts 30 seconds.
Spore Shot Fires an explosive round that upon detonation deals 50 rot damage to
all enemies within 2.6 meters and will leave a deadly gas cloud that
lasts for 7 seconds.
Gravity Core Fires a concentrated gravity core
which upon impact deals 50
damage and opens a black hole
pulling enemies towards it for 5
seconds. Overflowing from the
enemy drawn in, the black hole
will become unstable and explode dealing 250 damage within 5
Banish Fires a projectile that banishes the target into another dimension for 8 seconds. When they return,
they’ll take 1.5x the damage from
the primary fire of the Repulsor
weapon for 10 seconds.

That’s everything you need to know about weapon modsin Remnant From the Ashes. Be sure to check out our other helpful guides like:

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