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No Man’s Sky Beyond: How to Tame & Ride Mounts

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No Man’s Sky Beyond: How to Tame & Ride Mounts

No Man’s Sky Beyond has finally arrived, bringing a number of improvements and new features to the sprawling universe, including community missions, a hub world for players to interact with one another, and refinements to crafting, cooking, and more. On top of that, you can now ride aliens around the various planets. Here’s how to tame and ride mounts in No Man’s Sky Beyond.

How to Tame Mounts in No Man’s Sky

You can’t just run over to any creature you see in the vast universe and hop on its back. You’ll need to tame them first, and this is done by giving them some bait. Again, though, you can’t just throw any kind of bait at their face, you’ll need to check a creature’s bait preference first.

Checking a Mount’s Bait Preference

To do this, you’ll need to scan the creature. This is done by pressing and holding the L2/ LT button to bring up your scanner. Then, simply click R3 to zoom in on the creature you want to check the bait preference for.

After a couple of seconds, you’ll be given all of the information you usually get about the creature when scanning one, as well as their bait preference.

Crafting Bait to Tame Your Mount in No Man’s Sky Beyond

  • Obtain a Nutrient Processor
  • Feed Mounts Creature Pellets to Get Faecium
  • Collect Other Plants from Planets
  • Combine Faecium and Plans to Create Bait in the Nutrient Processor

Now that you know what bait you need to make, seek out a Nutrient Processor, as well as Faecium and other crafting ingredients. If you haven’t already got a Nutrient Processor, you can buy the blueprint from the Construction Research Station in the large room in the Nexus.

Faecium can be obtained by feeding Creature Pellets (made with 10 Carbon). Simply walk over to the creature and feed them the pellets. The creature will then drop a load of Faecium, at which point, collect it.

Once you’ve built a Nutrient Processor (25 Sodium, 2 Metal Plates, Hermetic Seal), you’ll be able to create more than 300 different recipes, including some for bait by combining various cooking ingredients from plants and creatures. Simply go about collecting different harvestable plants around the area, and you’ll then combine these with Faecium in the Nutrient Processor to craft bait.

As long as you’ve got the correct ingredients for the type of bait you want to make, simply confirm your choice and you’ll be given the bait straight out of the Nutrient Processor.

Now that it’s in your inventory, time to seek out the creature you want to make your mount in No Man’s Sky.

How to Tame Mounts & Ride Them

With the right bait for the creature crafted (we kinda advise just having a bunch of each type of bait so you don’t have to go off finding a Nutrient Processor to come all the way back to the creature), you’re all set to throw it at ’em and tame it.

To do this, follow the below instructions:

  • Press down on the d-pad.
  • Select Utilities
  • Select Creature Bait
  • Choose the preferred bait of the creature you want to make your mount.
  • Feed the bait to the creature.
  • Walk over to it to tame the mount and ride on its back.

Afterwards, the creature will try and continue to go about its normal routine, but this can be interrupted by simply walking over to it and using the on-screen prompt to mount and ride the creature.

Once you leave a planet, you’ll unfortunately have to leave your mount behind, but at least you’ll have a faster way of exploring planets. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of bait available at all times.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a mount in No Man’s Sky. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the latest BEYOND update, check out more of our guides down below, or check our wiki for general tips and tricks.

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