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Celeste and Inside are Free on the Epic Games Store Next Week

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Celeste and Inside are Free on the Epic Games Store Next Week

The Epic Game Store has updated its weekly free games and there two absolute corkers coming next week. From Aug. 29, you’ll be able to download both Celeste and Inside, two critically acclaimed indie side-scrollers that are among the best games of their respective genres.

Indeed, both games hold 90+ ratings over on aggregate website Metacritic, praised for their combination of slick gameplay, unique aesthetics, and engaging storytelling.

Celeste tells the moving story of a young girl named Madeline who suffers from mental health issues as she attempts to climb an enormous mountain, tackling her inner demons as she battles with the difficult ascent.

While Inside is the harrowing tale of a boy trying to escape the clutches of a mysterious dystopian world. Told entirely without dialog, the powerful narrative has an ending that’ll stick with you long after the credits roll.

As previously mentioned, both games are played from a 2D perspective, but their gameplay is starkly contrasted. Celeste is a tight platforming experience that requires precision and deft skills to beat its extremely challenging levels.

Inside, on the other hand, is more of a puzzle-platformer, equally satisfying to control but taxing one’s mind more than one’s dexterity in its more difficult sections.

These are two games not to be missed out on. All you’ll need to do take advantage of the free game offer is install the Epic Game Store launcher on your PC and download the games between Aug. 29 and Sept. 5.

You can read our reviews of Celeste and Inside in the meantime.

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