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Astral Chain: Quiz Kids Riddle Solution (File 03)

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Astral Chain: Quiz Kids Riddle Solution (File 03)

Astral Chain is a surprisingly lengthy action title filled with things to do, both in terms of the main story and off the beaten path. One of the many side quests you’ll come across in the game are the Quiz Kids, who will task you with solving a riddle. Here’s the Quiz Kids solution in Astral Chain.

Quiz Kids Riddle Solution in Astral Chain

When you start File 03 in Astral Chain you’ll be exploring a section of the city called Maison Forest. If you head to the right side and help the mechanic fix his out of control worker robot, you can climb up the ladder and find the Quiz Kids.

These five brothers will task you with solving a riddle about which one of them is lying. You can talk to each brother and figure it out, or you can just get the answer from us.

The fourth brother is the one that’s lying, so just pick that option when asked and you’ll have solved it. The Quiz Kids will give you a new hint for your Police Notes, and reward you with the Legion Rush ability and a Torn Bag you can sell.

Now, if you talk to the Quiz Kids again you’ll actually get another side quest called Quiz Kids Shuffle. Now watch as the kids run around you and pick the oldest brother, or just open your IRIS to cheat a little.

Just look and find the brother named “Tony Galen” born in 2067, and that’s the oldest. Now you get yet another reward, and you’re done.

That does it for the Quiz Kids riddle solution in Astral Chain. For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to check out our Astral Chain guide wiki. You can also see a few other quick guides below.

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