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7 Brilliant Games That are Too Long for a Second Playthrough

Great Games That Are Just Too Long to Ever Replay

7 Brilliant Games That are Too Long for a Second Playthrough

Persona 5

Great Games That Are Too Long to Ever Replay

The Persona series is notorious for some excessively long run-times, and Persona 5 is no exception.

Placing players in the role of a high schooler turned demon-summoning Phantom Thief, the game is jam-packed with all of the content fans of the series have come to expect, available through a day-night cycle.

In addition to the battles, dungeon crawling and general RPG gameplay available during the evening, players spend their days attending school, forming relationships with their classmates, working or studying for upcoming tests.

These aren’t one-off activities either. Day in and day out, players choose which of these activities to occupy their time with, and do so for an entire year of in-game days and weeks. This in turn factors into a total runtime of 100 hours or more on average.

To be fair, it’s all incredibly engaging. More than a few players have found themselves sucked into the life sim elements just as much as the RPG gameplay, and stuck with the adventure all the way through to its true ending.

However, this also makes replaying the game a herculean task for all but the most dedicated fans of the series, and plants the game firmly in the “One and Done” section of most gamers’ completed games collections.

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